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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Ironwood: 27 x 27 BGA Test Socket

Burnsville, MN — Ironwood Electronics has introduced a new high performance BGA socket for 1mm pitch, 616 pin BGA ICs. The SG-BGA-6346 socket is designed for 27 x 27mm package size and operates at bandwidths up to 8GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. Read More
Low Profile LEDs in Narrow Package from JKL

Pacoima, CA — JKL Components Corporation has added the ZLP Low Profile Series LED to its family of linear LEDs and high bright lighting components.
While many high power LED bars exist on the market, many challenges exist, including a harsh point source of light, increased power consumption and heat. The ZLP successfully addresses these challenges and is a high-performance lighting unit. The elongated LED unit is mounted on a flat heat sink and the tight pitch ...
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Saving Shoe Leather with Vertical Lift Carousels

Westbrook, ME — Changing the order picking process to utilize a goods-to-person principle can increase productivity by 2/3 and improve worker ergonomics in electronic operations. Dynamic storage systems from Kardex Remstar brings the work to the worker, eliminating the time spent to walk to the specific ...Read More
Krayden Intros Dow Corning Low-Cost Silicone Elastomer

Denver, CO — Distributor Krayden, Inc. is introducing the Dow Corning 170 low-cost, silicone-based elastomer. The product is a two-part general purpose encapsulant. The black silicone provides good flow, is flame resistant and is available in a fast cure form. Sylgard 170 offers flexibility in curing ...Read More
Leader Tech: Rapid-Ship Board Level Shields

Tampa, FL — The SMS shielding line from Leader Tech offers a highly reliable, off-the-shelf solution for most surface-mount applications. These in-stock circuit board shields are offered in both one-piece and two-piece design styles to accommodate broad ranging assembly and rework requirements. Some ...Read More
Microcare: Precision Cleaners

New Britain, CT — MicroCare Medical, a division of MicroCare Corporation, cleaning capabilities address design engineers' and manufacturers' need for clean devices before they go on to be coated or packaged. Key to this cleansing process is the company's vapor degreasing process and its broad offering ...Read More
Miyachi Unitek Unveils New Laser Marker Scan Head

Monrovia, CA — Miyachi Unitek Corporation is introducing the use of the Raylase Miniscan-10 Scan Head in its laser marking systems, which offers a compact size and improved performance over existing scan heads.Read More
Newport Intros Laser Alignment Tuning Kits

Irvine, CA — Newport Corporation has introduced the LAKIT Series, a new family of laser power alignment tuning kits. Designed for laser tuning and alignment in research setups, the kit includes the new 1917-R laser power meter and a broad selection of optical detectors, making it easier for the researcher ...Read More
NKK Intros Contactless Pushbuttons

Scottsdale, AZ — New from NKK Switches is the FP01 Series of contactless illuminated pushbutton switches. FP01 devices are suitable for critical and demanding applications requiring a robust and dependable solution.Read More
PennEngineering Intros Compact Electronics Fasteners

Danboro, PA — PennEngineering® has introduced a new and growing family of microPEM fasteners well suited for applications in compact electronic assemblies. These extremely small fasteners can serve as practical, cost-effective, and permanently secure solutions enabling quicker assembly of ...Read More
Phihong: Cost-Effective PoE Midspan

Fremont, CA — Phihong has developed a new midspan product that uses a wall plug for AC power. Designated the POE16R-1AF, the 15.4W wall plug adapter is fully compliant with the IEEE802.3af standard and may be used for a variety of applications including wireless and Bluetooth access points, IP telephones, or ...Read More
Piezo Motor: Lower Profile Rotation Table from PI

Auburn, MA — PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has released a higher-precision version of its M-660 low profile rotary table. Driven by piezo motors which enable the very low profile of only 14mm (0.6in), the new model is equipped with a high accuracy direct measuring encoder and provides 8 times the ...Read More
Polyonics Intros Engineered Tape Family

Westmoreland, NH — Polyonics engineered tapes are designed to help converters and OEMs solve static dissipative (ESD), halogen-free flame retardant and/or high temperature applications. Polyonics engineered tapes are REACH and RoHS-compliant, available in a wide variety of polyimide, polyester and ...
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Practical Components Adds New Test Boards

Los Alamitos, CA — Distributor Practical Components has added new test boards and kits for testing for process cleanliness and conformal coating. The new PCB-B-24 standard test board is compliant with the IPC Phase 3 cleaning and cleanliness test program. It was designed to be a vehicle for examining ...Read More
Pres-On Intros Low Cost PVC Foam Tapes

Addison, IL — Pres-On® has introduced an affordable new line of PVC foam tapes designed to seal out light, air, dust and moisture, while also providing a reliable cushion against vibration and noise.
New Pres-On VF tapes are suitable for use in the automotive, appliance, construction, HVAC and general assembly industries. Their closed-cell polyvinyl foam design is available in several densities including Sof-Seal, low, medium and high.
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Traco DC/DC Converter Module from PSUI

Wrentham, MA — Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. is introducing the Traco Power TEN 15WI Series of DC-DC Converters. The new series is a family of high-performance 15 Watt DC/DC converter modules with ultra wide 4:1 input voltage ranges in a 1 x 2 x 0.4-in. (25.4 x 50.8 x 10.2mm) package with industry ...Read More
Pulse Launches 10GBASE-T Connector Module

San Diego, CA — Pulse Electronics Corporation is introducing its new 10GBASE-T (10 Gigabit over twisted-pair) integrated connector module (ICM) for servers, LAN on motherboard (LOM), adapter cards, and storage devices. This new 1 x 1 RJ-45 10GBASE-T platform is halogen-free and RoHS-compliant and offers customers ...Read More
Samtec: Right Angle One Piece Interface

New Albany, IN — Samtec's newly released right angle one piece interface is a high performance board-to-board interconnect solution suitable for high shock/vibration applications. It provides a reliable connection and the elimination of bent pins for an interface with improved quality over elastomers ...Read More
Compact, Rugged DC/AC Inverter from Schaefer

Ashland, MA — Schaefer is introducing its PRP-1500 Series of highly efficient, pure sine wave inverters that provide up to 1500VA of power in a flexible package that can be chassis mounted, DIN rail mounted or fit into a standard 3U Eurorack. The inverter series has versions that meet industrial ...Read More
SMSC Intros First Programmable USB Power Controller

Hauppauge, NY — SMSC is breaking new ground in USB port power charging with the industry's first programmable USB power controller. The controller comes in three models — the UCS1001-1, UCS1001-2, and UCS1002 — and offers advanced USB-based charging capabilities for engineers designing host ...
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