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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Techkit Mixer New from Techcon
Enhanced cartridge mixer.
Garden Grove, CA — Techcon Systems, a product group of OK International, is introducing the updated TS6500CIM Techkit Mixer. Following positive feedback received from world-leading aerospace manufacturers, the company has further enhanced the mixer, meeting and exceeding recommendations, while still maintaining it at the low cost of its predecessors.

The enhanced cartridge mixer provides complete automatic mixing of two-component materials filled inside a cartridge kit, such as "Techkits" and "Semkits." The mixer incorporates a redesigned plunger assembly that encloses the magnet used to sense the position of the plunger. The new guard fully encloses the magnet to alleviate the magnet from being knocked out of position.

The new cartridge mixer incorporates many high-quality safety features including a two-hand start, a strengthened metal door with acrylic windows that is fitted with a safety interlock, preventing accidental startup, and an emergency stop button. With the introduction of a pressure relief valve, the plunger assembly depressurizes when the safety door is opened.

The enhanced mixer applies the correct amount of pressure on the rear of the cartridge plunger to prevent air from entering the cartridge during the mixing process. The adjustable automatic injection rod, which is used for injection Techkits, coupled with automatic precision level sensing, offers an improved mix consistency, resulting in higher yields and lower rejects.

Contact: Techconsystems, 12151 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841 714-799-9910 fax: 714-799-9533 Web:

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