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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Extra Large Print Wire Labeling from Cerro Wire
Large print on wire jackets.
Hartselle, AL — Cerro Wire LLC has introduced its large print Max Print® wire labeling system, available now on all sizes of its True Sequential Footage sequentially printed cables. Max Print enables contractors to easily identify the wire manufacturer and size and view the sequential footage in large print, making installation and inspection easier and faster.

With Max Print, gauge size is printed 300 percent larger than standard labeling. This makes it easier and quicker to read gauge size which reduces errors and aids in the inspection process. It is suitable for use in warehouses and job sites where lighting is an issue. Max Print is available on 1 AWG - 750 MCM THHN-2/THWN-2 products.

The new system is used in conjunction with the company's True Sequential Footage, a sequentially printed cable reel that provides accurate wire length with each cut. True Sequential Footage prevents the need to carry excess cable inventory, while providing precision length, accurate footage, and cost control.

True Sequential Footage uses a footage mark to document remaining wire, beginning with zero at the bottom of the reel and ending with the finished length at the top. The accurate footage mark allows for quick identification of the re-order point, guaranteeing the full purchased wire length and reducing random lengths. This better controls end-of-reel scrap.

The need to carry excess inventory is reduced with the precision cutting allowed by True Sequential Footage. Wire normally lost on each cut made with less accurate counting systems (3 to 8 percent) is saved when this precision footage marking system is used.

The system uses Doppler lasers to ensure precision far more accurate than a mechanical counter. The non-contact capabilities allow for zero slip and zero wear compared to a contact counter during the cutting process. Rigorous accuracy tests show that this measurement system produces an accuracy of better than plus or minus one half of one percent.

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