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Publication Date: 09/1/2011
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Dawn VME Intros Mission-Critical Supply
VITA 62 compliant power supply.
Fremont, CA — Dawn VME Products has introduced its PSC-6234 VITA 62 compliant 6-channel 3U VPX power supply with VITA 62 power connector pin-out and full OpenVPX support.

The power supply is designed for mission critical applications to operate over a wide range of temperatures at high power levels. Plug-in or bulkhead mounted models are available for air cooled, conduction to bulkhead cooled, and conduction to wedge lock cooled applications and configurations.

The unit's true 6 channel design provides up to 400 watts output on a 1-in. pitch and is extended shock and vibration compliant per MIL-STD-810F. Custom power capacity and voltage input range configurations are available. The PSC-6234 is current share compatible with additional PSC-6234 units.

The PSC-6234 front I/O panel includes an LED status indicator, a USB port for field firmware upgrades and VBAT battery access for support of the VPX memory backup power bus.

The company's embedded RuSH Rugged System Health Monitor technology actively measures voltage, current and temperature on each PSC-6234 rail for intelligent monitoring and control of critical VPX power supply performance parameters.

The RuSH monitor is interfaced into the OpenVPX management plane, providing an I2C communication link with system cards. Onboard RuSH provides real-time over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protective control, with factory programmable power sequencing and shutdown for all voltage rails.

Custom RuSH firmware enables additional PSC-6234 measurement sensing for humidity and customer specified monitoring windows for power sequencing, special alerts, alarms, status reports and other monitoring and control factors. An optional 3-axis accelerometer records and time stamps shock and vibration events.

The PSC-6234 is fully ruggedized for difficult UAV, land, sea and airborne mission-critical conditions. High configurability and current share compatibility with additional PSC-6234 units supports virtually any application where VITA 62 compliant 3U VPX modular power with precision monitoring and control is required.

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