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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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Josh and Shane: The Agonizing Wait Is Over
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
On July 31, 2009 we faced the devastating news about the arrest of the three American hikers in Iran, one of whom was my son, Josh. He had been visiting his friends Shane and Sarah in Damascus and later, they decided to take a week's vacation to Kurdistan's resort town of Ahmad Awa. The three hiked to see a picturesque waterfall, and they were arrested by the Iranian military for illegally crossing the border.

Since then, many of U.S. Tech's readers and advertisers have contacted me with their best wishes, expressing their hopes for an immediate release of the hikers. Some even offered to write to their Senators and Congressmen to try to expedite their release. I know that there were many others who felt the pain, and sympathized, especially through the website.

U.S. Tech has readers and advertisers from all over the world; we are part of a global community that knows no bounds of religion or nationality. And we consider each and every one of you a part of our family. I personally have dear friends even from Iran, who expressed their anger and outrage over this imprisonment, and expressed their support for the hikers.

Now that Josh and Shane have been released, and are safely back on American soil, I would like to thank all of our friends, U.S. Tech's readers and advertisers — and just friends — who expressed their support. To those who prayed in silence, I also want to extend my thanks to you for your good wishes and prayers which have now been answered. 

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