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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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ScanCAD Joins IPC-2581 Consortium, Enhancing NPI & FPI
ScanCAD system.
Morrison, CO — ScanCAD International has joined the newly formed IPC-2581 Consortium to support IPC-2581, the industry wide CAD design data transfer standard.

PCB Assembly operations may now use a single IPC-2581 file instead of a conglomeration of files, such as Gerber, Drill, CAD centroid, reducing the likelihood of surprises on the production floor. All data for manufacturing a PCB is in a single file. ScanCAD systems can import and export IPC-2581 as needed during the New Product Introduction (NPI) and First Piece Inspection process.

Using theses data, actual bare PCBs and stencils can be scanned and compared to each other and to CAD data prior to production, confirming their viability and eliminating down time, rework and scrap. In addition, First Piece solder paste print and component placement inspection can be performed on the same system, all using one file: the IPC-2581 formatted file.

Stencil Fabricators can also use the same IPC-2581 file to streamline the process of creating and inspecting solder paste stencils and emulsion screens. The fabricator can import the file, extract and modify the key information needed for manufacturing as well as for the automatic inspection of the finished product. This single file is used by the PCB Fabricator and Assembler as well as subcontractors like the stencil fabricators.

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