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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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Intepro Intros Hi Power 16-Bit Load
Hi power 16-bit load.
Santa Ana, CA — Intepro Systems, LLC has introduced its new 2500 Watt high power load family, the HP Series. The new loads provide 16-bit programming and measurement accuracy, making them the first series to offer resolutions and setting accuracies these power ratings. They are reportedly suitable for both low power and high power applications.

The HP Series utilizes state-of-the-art microprocessor design with 16-bit DAC control to simulate a wide range of dynamic loading applications including independent slew rates for rise and fall transitions, duration, and the ability to simulate non-linear loads. The 4K pattern depth allows for programming of complex load waveforms and dynamic sweeping of a load profile.

Dual range 16-bit resolution measurements of voltage (V), current (I), resistance (R) and Power (P) provide the accuracy of a DMM with the convenience of a single connection. The loads are capable of taking measurements every 30µSecs, ensuring fast testing.

The 2500W Loads are rated for 500Amps to a maximum of 100VDC, 500VDC or 750VDC. Each load can draw its full rated current to very low voltage (0.5V specified) to deliver its superior performance for today's Point-of-Load conditions and for fuel cells. For higher accuracies, the load has 10 current ranges providing mA resolution in the lower ranges making it the first 2500W load that can be used to test very low power outputs.

The loads are designed for easy integration into automated test systems or simple front panel operation. Every load comes standard with an Ethernet interface and CAN bus support (USB and GPIB optional). Each load is configured with a back drive relay to connect a DC source to back drive the output for overvoltage test. All loads have power up self-diagnostic and calibration routines and full protections against OP, OC, OV, OT and reverse polarity. This ensures the quality and reliability of the loads and provides protection of units under test.

Contact: Intepro, 1530 Lyons Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705 714-953-2686 fax: 714-953-3150 E-mail: Web:

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