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Publication Date: 10/1/2011
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RF Prescalers from Lansdale and Freescale
Prescaler ICs now made by Lansdale.
Phoenix, AZ — Lansdale Semiconductor now has single-source rights to both globally market and continue to manufacture Freescale's line of RF prescalers. These RF prescaler circuits were originally designed and built by Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

These multi-purpose, building-block ICs can be combined with a phase lock loop (PLL) to extend the tuning frequency range. The available prescaler devices include the ML12002, ML12009, ML12011, ML12013, ML12015, ML12016, ML12017, ML12019, ML12034, ML12038, ML12052, ML12054A and ML12079. Lansdale products are available as RoHS & REACH compliant in both surface mount and P-DIP packaging.

The availability of these 13 ICs is critical in support of a variety of applications that range from satellite communication systems, instrumentation and measurement equipment to wireless local area network (WLAN) systems. This prescaler line includes both single- and dual-modulus prescalers and has an upper frequency range from 480MHz up to 2.8GHz. The control input and outputs can interface with TTL and CMOS devices.

Most prescalers available today are integrated inside of PLL chips and frequency synthesizers to match the frequency of a high-frequency source to the frequency of a reference oscillator. Having an external PLL offers more flexibility, allowing the design to be based on the application.

Lansdale offers compatible PLLs that work well with these prescalers. The PLLs include the ML145145, ML145146, ML15151, ML145152, ML145157, ML145158, and ML145170. According to the company, by supporting existing designs, Lansdale is a ready IC manufacturing source for mature designs, and eliminates the need and the high expense of engineering redesign and requalification.

The company's exclusive product life cycle management system is a quality control system that guarantees form, fit, and function equal to the original manufacturer's design specifications. The Lansdale model has become increasingly important as the growth of the counterfeit industry has increased the problem of maintaining a reliable source of components for long-life systems.

"With counterfeit electronic components becoming more of a global industry nightmare, our 30 plus years of product life cycle management, support and manufacturing using only the OEMs original tooling has become even more critical in today's market," said Lansdale president Dale Lillard. "This assures a continuous source of high performance ICs to the worldwide electronics market."

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