Monday, June 25, 2018

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Juki: Laser-Guided Assembly Systems
Modular placement system.
Morrisville, NC — Juki Automation Systems' KE-1080 modular placement system has a five-nozzle head to handle larger parts and uses a tri-colored advanced vision system with blue, green and red LEDs for accurate placement of fine-pitch ICs, connectors and odd-shaped components.

The machine has an IPC9850 rated speed of 14,100 CPH for chips, and 3,400 CPH for IC components when using the advanced lighting system.

All Juki machines use the LNC60 optical centering laser that is built into the head to easily measure components while moving from the pick to the placement site. This eliminates the need to move to a stationary or line scan camera, creating an efficient method of component measurement centering.

The optical laser is not affected by the color of a part and easily can transfer a part profile back to the database. Other important features of the optical centering laser include the ability to detect the exact height of the nozzle tip, bent nozzle detection and a tombstone pick check. In addition, the laser ensures that a component is present before placement and that the component has been placed successfully.

The FlexSolder W510 is able to handle dual mini-waves for simultaneous or individual use. The advantage of individual use is the ability to solder closer than 1mm to other SMD, but also being able to solder large connectors or other devices without the need for changing nozzle sizes. This is done automatically during production. No other machine in this market has this ability. This adds much-needed flexibility to the process, allowing various soldering options with no changeover.

The flexibility of the W510 also is evident in that it offers both 7° soldering to support laminar nozzles and 0° soldering to support wetted nozzles down to 1.8mm. A wide variety of other nozzles also are available for use with the W510, including nozzles up to 30mm and a special miniature wide wave that supports 60mm wide soldering.

Contact: Juki Automation Systems, Inc., 507 Airport Blvd., Morrisville, NC 27560 919-460-0111 Web:

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