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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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Adding Speed and Quality to Ultra-Clean Silicone Molding

Located in Chicago's western suburbs, FMI produces molded silicone components for medical applications. Intricate features and key dimensions of tiny silicone prototype and (pre-) production parts are measured optically using a Nikon Metrology iNexiv system. FMI engineers say that investigating ...
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Rewriting the Rules of Solder Printing

Based on the UK's south coast, high-profile EMS company Hansatech EMS Limited has been providing manufacturing solutions to electronics companies for over 25 years, during which time it has developed a very particular — and highly successful — approach to serving its marketplace ...
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Customizing COTS Testing Systems

Off-the-shelf modular instruments (VME, PXI, VXI, CompactPCI, PCI, etc.) used to create automated test and measurement systems are designed to be general purpose, programmable, and flexible enough to handle a variety of input ranges and types, speeds, and functions. Read More
High Performance Probe Sockets

The evolution of cell phones to today's high-end smart phones with a multi-core applications processor and memory has driven the industry to embrace 3D packaging solutions. 3D packaging can be achieved by die stacking in one package, package-in-a-package stacking or package-on-package ...Read More
Innovative Marketing of Manufacturing Equipment

In the 1960s when transistors began to replace cumbersome vacuum tubes, a new industrial revolution was born. Soon, a young entrepreneur seized an opportunity. From his station wagon, Henry Mann began selling specially designed tools used to insert through-hole components in their holes ...Read More
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