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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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RASIRC Intros Steamer Turbo with Hot Gas Blending
Steamer turbo pro cleans semicon wafers.
San Diego, CA — RASIRC® has introduced the new Steamer Turbo for specialty applications in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. This is the company's first steamer with integrated gas blending control, which reportedly solves the common problem of condensation when blending steam with compressed gases.

The unit delivers high flow rates of steam combined with nitrogen or oxygen, which can improve the uniformity of thermal oxide films and momentum for particle removal after condensation. The company's products deliver ultrapure water vapor for semiconductor, photovoltaics, nanotechnology, and other manufacturing applications. A variety of semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing processes require that water vapor be mixed with nitrogen or oxygen. To avoid condensation, the gases must be heated above the steam dewpoint, minimally 80°C or hotter, for those applications that need to impart more energy to the substrate upon contact. Without tight gas temperature control there is a serious risk of premature condensation leading to contamination and film non-uniformities.

The Steamer Turbo solves this problem by incorporating an integrated compressed gas control system that can deliver up to 100 slm of gas at 120°C. The control system includes a mass flow controller, regulator, filter, and in-line gas heater. The close coupling of the gas heater to the purified steam outlet ensures cleanliness and controls the temperature of the blended gas, thus virtually eliminating condensation.

Combining the company's patented steam purification technology with UHP steam generation and hot compressed gas provides a unique method to deliver both energy and ultrapure water through condensation at the wafer surface. The integration of hot compressed gas provides a sweep gas to move the condensed steam away from the wafer. This can enable new forms of wafer cleaning not possible before.

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