Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Data I/O: Inline Programming System
Flash memory feeder/programmer.
Redmond, WA — Data I/O Corporation's new RoadRunner3 inline programming system is described as the next generation of the world's only just-prior-to-placement programming solution.

With its Factory Integration Software (FIS), the system streamlines the production process and eliminates operator errors through its connection to a firm's manufacturing execution system (MES) or other shop-floor control software and through that connection all the way to the user's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

RoadRunner3 is a versatile and configurable high speed automated inline programming feeder that mounts directly onto an SMT machine without consuming additional floor space or altering the production line. It easily integrates into existing SMT processes, removing unprogrammed Flash memory devices from tape, then programming four devices in parallel and then delivering the programmed parts to the pickup point of the placement machine.

New interface kits are available for all major SMT machines including SIPLACE, Fuji, Panasonic, and MYDATA, allowing customers to easily move RoadRunner3 to different SMT machines in their facility. A configurable Tape-In module adjusts for tape widths from 16 to 44mm, thus allowing for quick job changeover.

RoadRunner3 with Factory Integration Software modules FIS Remote and FIS Track allows customers to manage and monitor the programming process. The FIS Remote software module eliminates operator errors through automated job selection and job downloads to RoadRunner3. The FIS Track software module enables data-driven decision-making to optimize the programming process and minimize scrap and rework costs through automated collection and export of programming results. To ensure optimal equipment utilization, FIS Remote and FIS Track sends e-mail alerts when RoadRunner3 needs maintenance or when yields drop below a set threshold.

The system has FlashCORE III, described as the world's fastest Flash programming architecture available on the market today for programming high-density Flash memories such as e.MMC, SD and NAND Flash. FlashCORE III is the highest-quality proven solution for programming Microcontrollers, EPROM, EEPROM, NOR Flash and many others.

Contact: Data I/O Corporation 6464 185th Avenue NE, Suite 101, Redmond, WA 98052 800-426-1045 or 425-881-6444 fax: 425-867-6972 E-mail: Web:

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