Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Finetech Adds New Features to Fineplacer
Optical placement system.
Berlin, Germany — Finetech's Fineplacer® lambda has undergone some serious refinements with added new features. Sporting a whole new lighting system, the optical system now allows separate adjustment of chip and substrate illumination. The lighting settings can be adapted to different surface characteristics (reflectivity) of chip and substrate. An integrated oblique illumination gives additional image information on structures and fiducials.

An innovative software-controlled virtual shutter provides alternating illumination of chip and substrate with a manually adjustable frequency. This approach utilizes the human eye's naturally slow visual processing.

While a mechanical shutter would cause a loss of image information, the visual alignment with this system's overlay images now looks and feels natural and uninterrupted. The optimal light values and shutter parameters can be saved together with every working step.

A new option for the alignment camera allows image shifting to expand the visible image of a chip in y-direction. This is useful when chip and substrate have to be aligned under maximum magnification and the chip's fiducials are outside the field of view.

An optimized positioning table and extra-sensitive vacuum detection allow for special applications that may require a Z-shift of the substrate from focal plane to the placement plane after alignment. To maintain accuracy, the company has developed an optimized Z-travel guide for the positioning table. Digital micrometer screws provide 1µm resolution for all axes.

In addition, the tool's vacuum-based chip detection is needed to trigger motorized placement and bonding processes, and this has been improved by optimizing the measuring methodology. Even particularly small, light and delicate chips can now be detected with high reliability.

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