Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Viscom: 3-D Solder Paste Inspection System
Solder paste inspection system.
Hanover, Germany — Viscom AG's new S3088 3-D SPI solution integrates the tried and tested sensor technology from CyberOptics. The new 3-D SPI system checks paste printing with the highest possible speed and precision and enjoys high demand.

This new addition to the company's product line combines the advantages of its AOI system with powerful 3-D SPI sensor technology and inspects solder paste printing with the highest possible speed and precision. Even the most demanding electronic assemblies with CSPs or µBGAs and pad sizes of 01005 are reliably inspected. In addition to the customary 2-D inspection for misalignment, completeness and smearing, soldering paste height, surface area and volume also are reliably recorded and inspected.

The S3088 SPI 3-D technology does not require calibration. With the fringe projection method, the robust sensor head does not use movable parts. Depending on demand and the electronic assembly, two different test modes are available: the high resolution (HR) mode with an inspection speed up to 50cm2/s and the high-speed mode with an inspection speed up to 80cm2/s. As a result, inspection can be optimally adjusted to the electronic assembly and the respective requirement.

In addition to its reliable paste print inspection, the S3088 SPI system offers a special Process Uplink. Where other inspection systems only distinguish between good and bad, this software add-on also enables the use of process indicators. In addition, with the valuable image database with SPI and AOI error image pairs, electronics manufacturing companies now have a simple way to improve their processes.

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