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Publication Date: 02/1/2012
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Ultravolt Adds More Floating Hot-Deck Supplies
Hot-deck power supplies.
Ronkonkoma, NY — UltraVolt, Inc. has extended its EFL Series of enhanced floating "hot-deck" isolated power supplies. EFL Series units were originally offered with up to 15kV of isolation; now the line can achieve up to 30kV of isolation.

These "hot-deck" isolated system modules know simplify designs that have electronics highly isolated and/or truly floating on high voltage. Designers just apply power, signals, and controls to the module and have an output isolated by 150GΩ (15kV) or 2GΩ (30kV), and AC leakage capacitance of <40pF (all models). The new 30kV version of the EFL Series achieves a 100 percent increase in withstand voltage in only a 5.7-in.3 increase in volume. With this single encapsulated module, users have 30kV isolated low-voltage power sources of +12 or +24VDC, ±15VDC and +5VDC as well as two analog I/O channels, and one digital I/O channel. The new 30EFL maintains the EFL Series enhanced performance, which includes analog channel initial offset error of <±2mV, gain error of <±0.2 percent, linearity error of <±0.5 percent, and a temperature coefficient of <±10ppm.

Typical applications include scanning electron microscope (SEM) image and inspection systems and tools, focused ion beam (FIB) tools, medical patient diagnostic/patient treatment equipment, and mass spectrometers.

Contact: UltraVolt, Inc., 1800 Ocean Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 800-948-7693 or 631-471-4444 fax: 631-471-4696 Web:

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