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Publication Date: 02/1/2012
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Optical Inspection Made Easy
Illuminated inspection magnifier.

Quality visual inspection is still the primary means of ensuring that the finished product meets the manufacturer's standards for workmanship and operability. Discovering defects in the electronic assembly arena requires good visual inspection, which in turn calls for two basic elements: a skilled and trained inspector and the appropriate equipment to aid the inspector in his or her job. Given that we have the former, equipped with good vision, we turn to the latter, since the unaided or naked eye is insufficient in itself to closely inspect today's miniaturized parts and assemblies.

In applications where only lower levels of magnification are needed, some illuminated magnifiers are simpler and easier to use than microscopes. The Newest of these magnifiers are more powerful than ever providing 4 diopter (2X) of standard magnification and 5 diopter available as an option. Also, these same new products offer the latest in LED lighting which Military inspection has been using for years at a level of approx. 6000-6500 Kelvin, allowing defects to be viewed with greater color accuracy and ease. These new American made Patented LED magnifiers provide over 4x the light output with 50,000 hours of life — that is if you buy the proper heat-managed designs not seen in cheaper imports.

These higher end quality dimmable LED units supplied with large Optical quality lenses provide a wide field of vision, and are less tiring to use, adjust, and focus than a microscope.

Often, a whole assembly can be inspected quickly in a single view. Be sure that when looking at LED illuminated magnifiers that the LEDs are the newest technology, mounted in a metal housing, like the new line of The advantages of these new LED surface mounts are reduced heat output, superior light output and energy savings.

These new illuminated magnifiers with quality lenses and new surface mount LED technology can be the appropriate equipment to aid the inspector in performing his or her job.

When low magnification lenses are not applicable, then the next step is up to the old reliable 7-to-45X Stereo-Zoom microscopes. Like the New magnifiers, these types of production scopes allow good clear inspection and have a variety of accessories for each application. Newly designed ESD safe LED lighting provides the same quality images as the magnifiers above, with better color. Only surface mount technology mounted into properly heat sync metal core board arrays will last the test of time so if you buy the proper light, your microscope equipment will cost much less over time eliminating those old hot halogen units while providing the best of lighting.

Dangers of Improper Lighting
So many of the cheap imports simply stack old 5mm LED bottles into bundles, which generates a lot of heat, the enemy of LEDS. Because of this, this type of low-end lighting will fail very prematurely. Microscopes Images can be sent to monitors or to frame grabbers for measurement and verification in critical applications.

O.C. White started out in 1883, manufacturing adjustable joints for dental offices which then evolved into adjustable lighting. Thus it is one of the oldest continuously operating companies that serve today's electronics manufacturing industry. The technology has evolved, changing drastically as the needs of electronics manufacturing have grown. Today, it is a company that gives special meaning to the proud label that says "Made in U.S.A."

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