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Publication Date: 02/1/2012
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ERSA: More Efficient Selective Soldering
Selective soldering system.
Wertheim, Germany — Ersa has introduced the Ecoselect 1, a selective soldering machine requiring less than 3m2 of space — thus fitting well into cell production environments. The semi-automatic system uses the company's same successful and proven Selective Soldering Technology as in its large Versaflow systems. Because of its universal pallet fastening, the new machine can handle PCB sizes up to 16 x 20-in. (406 x 508mm).

The system's fluxer processes water-based fluxes with a high level of positioning accuracy and lowest amounts of flux deposited. Numerous control features such as spray monitoring and continuous pressure monitoring of the flux storage tank provide for outstanding process safety.

The new machine is equipped with a full-area preheating system. Its bottom-side heating consists of eight emitters that can be switched in groups to match their power with the assembly's heat requirements and size.

The top-side heating is optimized in conjunction with the bottom-side heating, and provides effective, reproducible and thorough heating of the most complex and difficult assemblies. The heating system utilizes convection so that heating energy is distributed evenly over the entire machine width. This design approach means that the system's overall power consumption is reduced, and machine weight and size are minimized. Just the right amount of energy is used, only as needed, and is totally reproducible, readily accommodating large assemblies with many copper layers and large components.

An electromagnetic solder pump does not have any mechanical parts, which minimizes formation of dross and dust so the solder pots need very little maintenance. The pump ensures very constant flow rates thus offering a precise adjustable solder wave height.

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