Thursday, May 24, 2018

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LPKF: Latest Laser XCutters and Welders
Microline 1000 UV laser cutting system.
Tualatin, OR — LPKF is highlighting its UV laser systems, including the MicroLine 1120 S and 6120 S which are designed for depaneling populated PCBs. They are suitable for cutting break-out tabs and complex contours with the highest accuracy.

The UV laser demonstrates its superiority over conventional cutting systems when handling rigid and flexible substrates. The laser is capable of cutting board outlines, adjacent to delicate components and tracks, without causing any of the mechanical stress associated with routers or dicing saws. This allows for small subassemblies with much higher densities to be realized, with components right up to the edge of the printed circuit board.

The company is also highlighting the MicroLine 1120 P and 6120 P series which are UV laser systems designed for processing bare rigid and flexible PCB circuit boards. The UV laser cuts, drills, engraves and ablates with the tightest tolerances on a wide variety of materials, making it the most versatile and inexpensive UV laser on the market today. It has the ability to cleanly cut even the most complicated patterns with minimal stress to the substrate, allowing for more circuits on a single panel. It eliminates the limitations of tooling with the use of an integrated vacuum table. The MicroLine P models are especially suited for high-mix, flexible manufacturing environments.

LPKF is also highlighting its laser plastic welding systems. Laser plastic welding has been around for decades, but with an ever-increasing demand for smaller, more intricate devices, laser plastic welding is growing to become a major player in plastics joining methods. Primarily found in the automotive, medical and consumer electronics industries, LPKF laser welding systems are used for a variety of applications from small electronics housings, to highly complex and intricate microfluidic devices, and even exterior automotive lighting. The laser plastic welding system family is comprised of three main machines: the LQ Vario, LQ Power and TwinWeld3D. With nearly unlimited customization options, these machines can be fitted to suit the needs of the most demanding plastics joining projects.

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