Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Europlacer: Hi Performance SMT Pick and Place
XPii auto-placement system.
Tampa, FL — Europlacer is demonstrating its iineo II and XPii-II SMT pick-and-place platforms, with the machines in an in-line-configuration, showing how the two machines work together to offer a highly flexible, 60,000 CPH solution to meet growing customer demand for greater productivity.

The company's advanced, real-time Auto Adaptive Sequencing, automates the placement sequence of large and small components, and this function is included as standard. The widely configurable machine meets numerous requirements, with a large board size that measures 24 x 63-in. (0.6 x 1.6m) all in one machine, along with expansive feeder capacity up to 264 x 8mm + trays. Using two placement heads, 24 nozzles, huge component range and enough capacity for a broad range of presentation media including tape and reel, trays, tubes, cut tapes and POP, the iineo II can be used to achieve optimal production efficiency on complex boards.

The XPii-II is a smaller footprint, high speed, pick-and-place machine incorporating the same technologies as the larger footprint iineo platform. Intelligent trolleys and feeders, powerful software, high-resolution digital cameras and placement heads with advanced on-head optical component sensing are all shared and portable between both platforms. Dual 12-nozzle "Tornado" turret heads are at least 10 percent faster than standard 8-head turrets, yet each nozzle on either turret is fully capable of processing 01005s and up to 4-in. (101mm) long connectors.

When added in front of the iineo II, the XPii-II effectively doubles production line capacity without doubling required floor space and, as both machines have identical placement capability, dynamic program splitting ensures the combination is perfectly balanced. Each machine fully provides for tape-and-reel, matrix tray elevator and/or internal tray holder, tubes, cut tapes, waffle packs and POP fluxing.

Contact: Europlacer North America, 5804 E. Breckenridge Blvd., Tampa, FL 33610 813-246-9500 fax: 813-246-9595 Web:

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