Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Filtration System on a Cart from EVS
Filtration system on a cart.
Newport, UK — EVS International is showing its 7000LFHS solder recovery system in the Sono-Tec booth. The company will preview its latest innovations and upgrades including new operating parameters and software, increased extraction, improved thermal efficiency and dramatically increased recovery percentages. These new, improved features combine to significantly lower customers' carbon footprint by enhancing their ability to attain and retain the corporate environmental standard, ISO 14001.

EVS also is presenting its new Nitrogen Reduction System. With these new and improved systems and upgrades, customers can significantly reduce nitrogen consumption by lowering nitrogen flow to the wave solder machine with no loss in solder ability or quality (up to a 66 percent savings have been achieved on site trials).

The new High Solids Filtration System on the Lead-Free EVS 7000 dramatically increases air flow and dust/smoke capture, which is especially important with some lead-free fluxes, while maintaining the small footprint of the new four-wheeled steerable cart with its pull-out service drawer. The system is complete with an LED monitoring system that shows a green light for normal running, an amber light when 75 percent of the combination filter is used and a red light when the combination filter should be changed.

With its inherent simplicity of operation and high recovery rates, the system provides fast payback and pure solder quality. The Solder Recovery system also improves the process by reducing shorts, bridging, and rework, significantly improving wave solder machine productivity, cleanliness and lowering pump maintenance and downtime.

Contact: EVS International, Unit 2, Porchfield Business Park, Porchfield, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 4QB, UK +44 (0) 8451 30 47 33 E-mail: Web:

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