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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Datest Adds Nordson DAGE Ruby X-Ray

Fremont, CA — Datest has invested in an XD7600NT500 Ruby X-ray Inspection System with X-Plane® technology from Nordson DAGE. The implementation of the new X-ray will improve Datest's troubleshooting, failure analysis and bonepile rehabilitation efforts. Read More
Firstronic: Eliminating Hidden Costs

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) outsource to lower manufacturing costs. However, missed deadlines or fuzzy communications can eliminate this savings. The largest cost overruns typically come from unanticipated issues such as excess inventory, missed deliveries, quality issues ...Read More
Multitest Ships First MT9510 x16

Rosenheim, Germany — Multitest, a designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and final test subcontractors worldwide, has made the first shipment of its new tri-temp 16-site pick-and-place platform. The MT9510 x16 will ...Read More
New Fujipoly Website Speeds Up Engineering Process

Carteret, NJ — Since the launch of Fujipoly's new website, hundreds of engineers have discovered how fast and easy it can be to request samples and search for high-performance thermal interface materials and elastomeric connectors. Read More
PCB Assembly Express: Next Gen Quoting and Ordering System

Lake Oswego, OR — PCB Assembly Express, has upgraded its website to next-generation capability. While other sites typically require a request for quote submission, and get back to the customer later with a quote, PCB Assembly Express offers both online quoting and ordering in real time for PCB Design & Layout ...Read More
Qual-Pro Adds Conformal Coating Equipment

Los Angeles, CA — Qual-Pro Corporation has installed conformal coating equipment, which is being supported by a dedicated engineering team with decades of electronics manufacturing experience.Read More
Smart Sonic Cleans Previously Uncleanable Durostone Pallets

Canoga Park, CA — Ultrasonic cleaning frequency is important; so is the equipment maker and the cleaning medium when cleaning Durostone® pallets, according to an evaluation by Durostone maker Permali Composites S.A. The company subjected its pallets to ultrasonic cleaning using Smart Sonic Ultrasonic ...Read More
Stellar Microelectronics: Making Micro a Big Deal

Miniaturized neuro-stimulators, mission-critical satellite assemblies, retinal implant devices, and control systems for a Mars Rover — unrelated items, yet they share a common source. Stellar Microelectronics, Inc., a full service Electronics Manufacturing Services provider, specializes ...Read More
Techspray: Powerful, Safer Aerosol Cleaning Products

Amarillo, TX — Industrial cleaners continue to be a focus of concern as new research comes to light. n-Propyl Bromide (nPB), Trichloroethylene (TCE), and Perchloroethylene (Perc) are three examples of harmful chemicals that are commonly used as industrial aerosol cleaners. Because of years of experience ...Read More
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