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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Getting PCBs Really Clean

Yesterday's chemicals — CFCs, HCFCs, brominated solvents, detergents and glycols — cannot do a good cleaning job on today's electronics because most flux formulations have changed. Cleaning should be adapted to the job's requirements while maintaining stability in time, efficiency ...Read More
Remote Alarming for Power Grids

An electrical utility company needed to send alarms from remote stations in the event that the local power grid went down, and in other special cases including operational faults and security breaches. The entire time a substation was off the grid, an area was without power, so an advanced ...Read More
Linear Encoders for Direct Drives

Linear motors have made serious inroads into highly dynamic applications such as manufacturing and measuring equipment in the semiconductor industry, in PCB assembly machines, textile machines and in automation. Direct drives for open and closed-loop control require continuous real ...Read More
Moving from Quality Assurance to Quality Control

Quality assurance (QA) has long been the recognized term and method for manufacturing quality processes. But we should question this, as additional benefit can be gained from focusing on Quality Control (QC). These benefits can move quality from a "non value- added cost" to actually ...Read More
Laser Marking: Scratching the Surface

In the past, CO2 and Nd: YAG lasers dominated the marking, cutting and welding of industrial tooling and manufactured goods. These laser types were the first to be brought to the marketplace and they were quite useful for their time. Focusing solely on the laser marking side ...Read More
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