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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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ProDEK Closed-Loop Printing from DEK
The Horizon print platform is among many systems that support ProDEK.
Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK has launched its new closed-loop innovation, ProDEK. Calling the product "revolutionary", the company said that it reaches new levels of dynamic print process control, enabling real-time continuous alignment adjustments and cleaning frequency adaptation — dramatically enhancing throughput and improving yield while limiting the need for operator intervention. According to the company, ProDEK makes the printer smarter and more intuitive. Built on special print software capability, ProDEK works in tandem with solder paste inspection (SPI) data and uses a high level of process reference to accurately control print alignment and cleaning functionality. This is said to be the most robust and repeatable "hands-off" print technology available.

From paste offset (alignment) data feeds delivered to the printer by the SPI system, ProDEK monitors a configurable quantity of printed circuit boards (PCBs), sending an independently corrected forward and reverse offset to the printer, which then adjusts paste on pad alignment in real-time. Utilizing barcode tracking technology, ProDEK guarantees printed and inspected board synchronization. In addition to real-time, continuous alignment adjustments which add zero throughput overhead to the print/inspection process, ProDEK also monitors high area warning counts from the SPI data feeds, which may be an indicator of excessive or insufficient understencil cleaning. This unusual technology can automatically adapt the cleaning frequency to suit current process conditions, optimizing the understencil cleaning process and thereby introducing more stability while significantly reducing consumables usage. Available on all new DEK print platforms and retrofittable on installed DEK systems, ProDEK is currently compatible with SPI technology from CyberOptics, Koh Young and Parmi.

ProDEK has been proven to proactively prevent defects, optimize print performance and ensure the highest possible first-pass yield. When field tested at several leading electronics assembly firms, ProDEK results revealed that the offset correction functionality alone reduced defects by nearly 50 percent on average.

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