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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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New Multipurpose UV Laser System from LPKF
Multipurpose laser system.
Tualatin, OR — New from LPKF, the ProtoLaser U3 is a versatile laser designed for use in any electronics R&D lab. The versatility of this small UV laser system is unusual not only due to its wide breadth of applications, but also because of the wide variety of material substrates it can process. From cutting/depaneling any material from flex to fired ceramics, to drilling, skiving, decaping and direct surface metal etching of the artwork, the ProtoLaser U3 system has the ability to process applications for product development that previously were possible only with the help of large, expensive industrial systems. The ProtoLaser U3 combines the capabilities of the previous generation ProtoLaser U (UV laser) and ProtoLaser S (IR laser) models into one multipurpose system. Not only does it have the ability to cut or depanel nearly any substrate material, its additional functionality allows for drilling, marking, depth engraving and surface etching of circuitry directly onto FR4, ceramic or any other high-frequency RF substrate. The 15µm beam spot allows for etching surface structures down to as small as 1 mil.

The laser can quickly process applications and switch between projects without hassles, offering maximum flexibility. This makes it especially suitable for applications that require highly precise geometry and repeat accuracy.

The high pulse energy of the UV laser eliminates residue and tooling costs, and is a chemical-free process. Due to its versatile capabilities, the ProtoLaser U3 is the only UV laser system worldwide that also can structure laminated substrates.

The ProtoLaser U3 is compact, easy to install and takes little more than a click of the button to operate. An excellent solution for small batch production on demand, the U3 is a great addition to any research and design team at an attractive price.

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