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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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SEHO Adds Vision to PowerSelective Soldering System
Vision system added to selective soldering system.
Kreuzwertheim, Germany — SEHO Systems GmbH is exhibiting its PowerSelective soldering system, which embodies a modular design, to ensure the highest flexibility. The system offers the company's unusual multi-nozzle technology and can be customized to meet specific production requirements. The multi-nozzle technology ensures short cycle times as low as 25 seconds per panel or carrier. With tool change on-the-fly, customers can run high-mix production without losing changeover time.

For maximum flexibility, the system uses high-precision mini-wave processes that are completely independent from the fluxing and preheat process to ensure high-volume production.

Innovative software ensures maximum reliability during the selective soldering process. The real-quantity flux monitoring system represents a milestone in process control as it does not only monitor the function of the drop jet fluxer, but also the actual flux quantity which is applied to the board.

The SEHO PowerSelective includes a fiducial recognition function for automatic PCB alignment that compensates for various types of misalignment, such as offset, rotational error or linear shrinkage. The warpage compensation function automatically compensates for product- or production-related warpage of the assemblies to be soldered.

The company's latest innovation is its automated optical inspection system (AOI) that can be embedded directly in the selective soldering process. The system is used for detecting soldering defects such as non-wetting or insufficient wetting, missing pin or bridging. The AOI system can be easily integrated into the PowerSelective system, offering remarkable cost savings in floor space and board handling equipment.

Depending on the application, the PowerSelective may be equipped with an inline conveyor for integration into a fully automated production line or with a batch conveyor module for standalone operation. The system is capable of handling multiple boards with parallel processes. Both bare boards as well as assemblies in carriers may be processed.

Contact: Seho North America, Inc., 1420 Jamike Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018 859-371-7346 fax: 859-282-6718 E-mail: Web: or

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