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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Techcon Showcases Next-Gen Fluid Dispensing
Garden Grove, CA — Techcon Systems is showcasing an impressive lineup of products including precision valves — a range of dispensing and spray valves from simple manual dispensing to precision valves for high-speed automated applications. The company's comprehensive valve line includes easily-maintained precision shot valves with excellent accuracy over a range of viscosities, material pressure and shot sizes, together with high-speed valves for precise deposit of heavy viscosity-filled pastes. The company is demonstrating a range of syringes and syringe kits that offer an unusual, ultra-low draft construction of inner diameter yield, high accuracy and stability. The syringes are comprised of industry-compliant silicone and chloride-free, low friction polypropylene, and are available in three different colors: "natural" for most generic applications, "amber" for protection of UV/visible light block (up to 520nm), but with the ability to still see material inside barrel, and "black" for total light block. Techcon Systems is also showing high-quality, high-reliability digital dispensers and controllers for virtually any dispensing application, from the standard TS250 dispenser to the sophisticated TS500R Multi-Purpose Digital Controller.

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