Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Quail Electronics launches new line of color-coded networking cords and heavy-duty IEC cords
Quail Electronics, Inc. ® is a leading supplier of power cords for the OEM market. We specialize in power cords for the medical, networking, and OEM industries, and provide fast and reliable customer service.
Our new product line includes color-coded networking cords and heavy-duty IEC cords, offered in a variety of lengths and colors to make your server area cleaner and more accessible. Distinguish between power sources by choosing either our red, blue, or green cords so that a simple visual check will determine connection, or select your preferred length to prevent clutter and to allow air to flow freely to your equipment. Whether designing your custom server cabinet or configuring an uninterruptible power supply, Quail gives you the most options!

Colored Jumper Cords
Developed with networking professionals and equipment manufacturers in mind, Quail offers the standard IEC-60320-C14 and the IEC-60320-C13 configuration power cords in a variety of colors and lengths. These IEC power cords, called patch cords by professionals, are widely used for server power supplies and PDUs (Power Distribution Units). Our Colored Jumper Cords come in 3 standard lengths (2', 3', 6'6") and 3 colors (red, blue, or green). The 6250 series offers the C14 and C13 on 16 gauge wire with the rating of 13A - 250V and UL, C-UL approvals. Next, the 6260 series also features UL and C-UL approvals, but increases wire size to 14 gauge to deliver 15A - 250V. Finally, the 3500 series, a Quail trademark, offers the C14 and C13 pair on 18AWG + 1.0mm2 wire with a 10A - 250V rating and UL, C-UL, VDE, and European approvals. The 3500s are our Universal Jumper Cords, and the unique combination of approvals they carry are recognized in many countries throughout the world. These are truly "universal cords!"

Heavy-Duty Colored Networking Cords
To provide you with high-voltage, high-current options, Quail designed the Heavy-Duty Colored Cords line, featuring different IEC plug and connector combinations on various gauge wire to provide maximum power. The 5287 series of IEC-60320-C20 to IEC-60320-C13 power cords features 14 gauge wire and has a rating of 16A - 250V. Also rated at 16A - 250V, the 5345 series of C14 to C19 power cords also has 14 gauge wire. Finally, our hallmark C20 to C19 power cord line is the 5281 series, which comes on 12 gauge wire rated at 20A - 250V. With 3 color variations (red, green, or blue) and three length variations (4', 6', or 8') in stock, Quail makes it easy for our clients to assemble state-of-the art server arrays with style!

Our commitment to quality and service ensures that you receive the best products. All our networking power cords are manufactured with flawless precision according to agency requirements. When you look for quality components for your cutting-edge devices, think Quail first!

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