Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Walter Intros Steel Turning Improvements
Machining inserts get new geometries and coatings.
Waukesha, WI — Walter USA, LLC has introduced Walter Valenite Tigerztec® Silver for turning — a combination of three new insert grades and four new geometries developed to boost the productivity of steel turning applications by up to 75 percent. The Tigerztec Silver advantage begins with a newly formulated aluminum oxide coating with an optimized microstructure that delivers superior resistance to crater wear and flank wear as well as to plastic deformation, considerably reducing machining times. boosts coating toughness and ensures higher process reliability in mass production. The inserts also incorporate a new micro-edge technology that makes it possible, in some cases, to increase tool life by over 30 percent, and a new silver flank face for easier wear detection. In addition, the insert seating surface is ground after coating to ensure optimum seating in the toolholder.

This combination of advanced material and innovative design appears in three new grades and four new geometries. The new grades are designated WPP10S, WPP20S, and WPP30S. WPP10S offers the highest temperature resistance and hardness. It has excellent wear resistance and is suitable for processes ranging from continuous cutting to minor interrupted cuts at very high cutting speeds. WPP20S, the medium-grade, is suitable for use as a universal cutting material for processes ranging from roughing to finishing, and brings exceptional reliability to automated production. WPP30S, the toughest of the three, brings maximum reliability to the most difficult applications, such as interrupted cuts and unstable conditions.

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