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Publication Date: 05/1/2012
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Flexibility Needed for Future Growth

The days of build-to-print subassemblies are disappearing with the new requirements and demands that are being placed on contract manufacturers (CM). In the future, CMs will be "One Stop Solution Providers" for all things required to design, build, warranty and deliver a complete electronics ...Read More
Javad EMS Raises Efficiency with ViTrox AXI

Automatic x-ray inspection (AXI) represents the ultimate inspection system for the high-quality production line, and often, one machine alone is not enough. Javad Electronic Manufacturing Services (San Jose, California) recently completed the successful implementation of the ViTrox ...Read More
Manufacturing: Bringing It Home

ZeeVee, Inc., a developer of high definition video distribution products, recently moved its overseas contract manufacturing operations to Massachusetts from China, where it had been manufacturing since introducing its first-generation products about five years ago.
Read More
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