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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Semi-Kinetics: Manufacturing Its Own Niche
Quality inspection provides information to fine-tune internal process for even greater quality control.

Carving a special niche in the multi-billion dollar worldwide contract electronic manufacturing market, Semi-Kinetics, Inc. supplies this vast market as a manufacturer of complex assemblies produced in low to mid-volumes.

A manufacturing solution provider of products and services to OEM electronics manufacturers, over the past two years, Semi-Kinetics has made a significant investment in technology to increase manufacturing capacity and precision with higher-technology in an automated environment.

Highly Complex Assemblies
Typically, these assemblies require a more experienced workforce, more time for setup and extensive test capability. The company has been structured to excel in this area utilizing the correct mix of high-speed automated assembly and test equipment with experienced technical personnel. Highly complex assemblies may present an obstacle to high-volume producers, but they readily fit this EMS provider's operation. The "High Mix/Low Volume" strategy has resulted in the company's steady growth for the past three years. In 2000, Semi-Kinetics moved to its current state-of-the-art, 32,000 square-foot facility in Lake Forest, California. Because of this strategic location in Orange County, one of the major hubs for electronic design and assembly, the company can draw from a large pool of experienced personnel.

Over the past two years, it has made a substantial investment in advanced, automated equipment to increase capacity, speed and improve quality. The company added three state-of-the-art Samsung SM320 SMT assemblers that are multi-placers and can accurately place fine pitch and BGA components with speeds approaching chip shooters for small passive components. The addition of the new equipment increases the company's surface mount capacity by 175 percent.

Automation Makes it Happen
"We manufacture cutting-edge electronic equipment using the power of automation, building products for the medical field, commercial irrigation equipment, amplifiers for the music industry, industrial controls, as well as components for office equipment and computers," says Susan Kordell, sales manager.
New RoHS-compatible equipment like this Vitronics Soltec wavesolder system enables Semi-Kinetics to provide lead-free solutions to meet customer needs.

The production lines have been optimized to accommodate a variety of run sizes. Whether a customer's requirements are low volume and high complexity or high volume commercial industrial products, we have the capacity, resources and expertise to successfully build a project.

The manufacturer uses an automated optical inspection system to verify value, polarity, presence or absence of components and to check for solder shorts, solder bridging or opens. Precision isn't the only part of the equation in manufacturing. Its customers work under extremely tight deadlines and the company is committed to delivering their products on time.

In addition to the assemblers, the company added a new YesTech F1 AOI optical inspection system to verify value, polarity, presence or absence of components and check for solder shorts or opens. All of the company's surface mount assemblies are processed through AOI as well as normal QC inspection. BGA devices can be X-rayed to insure quality connections. The company has also added a new Samsung SP450 automatic screen printer with paste and stencil inspection. In making the company RoHS-compliant, Semi-Kinetics has installed lead-free soldering process equipment in its facility enabling lead-free solutions. To ensure compliance, it added a new Vitronics-Soltec Deltawave flow solder system to ensure high quality, lead-free soldering.

Using customer supplied CAD data, the company builds products to the customer's forecast and purchases parts according to the customer AVL and component lead-times; it verifies acceptance by incoming inspection and maintains inventory control.

The firm's quality operating systems are deeply rooted in its culture. Quality control steps are strategically placed throughout the process to ensure precision. Long before ISO quality standards arose, Semi-Kinetics operations were based on Mil Spec. Today, its production is controlled to the highest specifications at its accredited IS0 9001:2000 facility. Inspectors are trained to inspect to IPC 610 standards.

An important part of this commitment to quality is performing incoming inspections, first article inspections, as well as pre-flow and final inspections. In addition, SPC data is gathered and complied by the Quality Department at each operational level. This information is used to fine-tune the internal process for even greater quality control.

Supply Chain Management Needs
It's important to be able to meet customers' complex needs for supply chain management, manufacturing and repair solutions while routinely addressing testability, material savings and

manufacturability issues.

Sales manager Susan Kordell observes that the ability to retain quality employees is one of the hallmarks of an excellent organization. "Our retention rates are among the highest in the industry. On average our management level employees have 20 years seniority. As a result, our staff brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in every aspect of the electronic assembly business."

Part of this experience means offering customers continuous improvement feedback on their products. The company creates test programs for virtually any assembly and has the requisite background to effectively exceed customer expectations.

Semi-Kinetics Inc. was founded in 1979, and is the electronic manufacturing division of the Gonzales Design Group, a minority- owned full-service supplier to the communications electronics and automotive industries.

With over 27 years of expertise in providing complete turnkey and consignment assembly, company capabilities include pin-through-hole and surface mount placement of electronic components utilizing organic aqueous or no-clean processes, in-circuit or functional test, conformal coating, and box build.

The demand for contract electronic assembly continues to grow worldwide. While many manufacturers and OEMs have moved high volume work to emerging markets, there remains a large segment of business that does not readily fit that strategy. Semi-Kinetics is positioned to fill that need by working hand-in-hand with its customers to understand every nuance of their business then structure manufacturing efforts to exceed their expectations.

The company's investment in automated equipment helps achieve its goal of optimizing production lines for a multiplicity of run sizes from prototyping to low-volume with high technical complexity, to high-volume commodity products.

For more information, contact: Semi-Kinetics, Inc., 20191 Windrow Drive, Suite A, Lake Forest, CA 92630 949-830-7364 fax: 949-830-7385 E-mail: Web: 

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